The best guide on selecting a security camera

Have you finally made up your mind to buy a security camera? Despite the fact that there are only two types of such cameras, there are  lots of models to choose from. That is why you might feel at a loss which one will be the most suitable for you. In this blog, we will give you with a couple of tips that will help you to find the camera that will not leave you disappointed

The first and the most important characteristic is the camera type. If you want to install it inside your home, you should purchase a home security camera. If you want to see people who come to your place, you should opt for a video doorbell. Also, keep in mind that not all models are weatherproof.

The second thing is to decide on the power source. If you prefer hardwired models, do not forget that your placements options will be limited. Models with batteries need to be recharged regularly depending on the frequency of usage.

Consider cloud storage plans. Since all manufacturers charge you for cloud storage,  check how much free space the camera has and how much you will have to pay extra. You can choose a model with a memory card (which are not numerous).

Always remember about your privacy. The key task of your camera is to keep you secure and calm – not to make you more anxious. Since cameras are connected to the internet, you can never know how your data is used. If you can watch your place, other people could possibly do it too. That is why opt for models with two-factor authentication with an additional layer of security.

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